Obama And The Squeeze Page

When most of us think of government websites the first the to come to mind is some functional page with HTML that was written back in the late 90’s. Take a visit to Barack Obama’s website and you’ll notice immediately that things are different for him.
What’s he doing different?
Obama is using a tactic that even some of the best Internet marketer’s aren’t using: a welcome page. What is it? The first time you visit his website you’ll be greeted with a page requesting your email. Depending on what time of the year it is it could change a bit, but the one he’s most famous for has a headline that says “Stay Informed” with a space to put your email in underneath.

But that’s not the only smart thing about this squeeze page.

Where is Obama looking?
If you had to pick a general “direction” in which the attention of the page is flowing it is towards the opt in box. Obama’s eyes are also staring in the general direction of the box. Why? It’s in order to get the visitor to put in their email address.
Why so much fuss about getting emails?
Most of the time, as Internet marketers, we focus on building a mailing list so that we can send offers to our people and thus make money from them. Obviously, Obama doesn’t send affiliate offers to his list, but he realizes how important it is to be able to reach out and connect with his audience at any given time.


He is also able to request donations and get people together for meet ups at the click of a button.

Why does this matter to you?
We can all learn from a squeeze page that gets millions of views per month. When we make our own pages we should make sure that all the attention is focused towards the opt in box.

It’s also important to realize that the whole page itself isn’t too busy.

You can see the President, which gives the page authority, but there aren’t other things happening on the page that could distract you from entering in your email.


Lately there have been a lot of squeeze pages released that offer videos, moving parts, sounds, but in my experience, the simpler the better.

But don’t take my word for it…take the President’s.

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