How To Use YouTube And Get Your Business Rise

Are you currently using video as a way to get new customers and spread your message?

If you are, that’s fantastic..keep it up! But if you aren’t then you could be missing out on a TON of free traffic.

I'm almost always impressed when I look at my YouTube stats and how much traffic I'm able to drive to my websites directly from YouTube!

Why is YouTube so awesome for your online business?


Here are a few good reasons:

Paid Video Hosting

There are some great paid video hosting options out there such as Vimeo Pro, and for certain types of videos where you want full control these might be preferable. However, nothing can compare to YouTube in terms of speed, compatibility and the amount of traffic a video can drive to your site…nothing!

Easier to Rank in Google

A few years ago it was easy to put up an exact match domain name and easily rank for a search term with a few backlinks. Now it’s a lot harder. However, if you put up a video on YouTube and do a little bit of onsite optimization, you can get a video ranking for long tail keywords, sometimes, in a matter of minutes. Why is that?


Currently Google ranks YouTube videos higher than other content because YouTube is owned by Google.

They serve advertisements on YouTube so it serves them to get as much traffic to those videos as possible.


People trust YouTube as a website. They know that if they click on a video that they won’t get a computer virus. That intrinsic trust can be used to drive traffic to your own websites as well, by putting in strategic calls to action inside the videos accompanied by video annotations linking directly to your offers!

Done correctly you can drive tons of leads and sales from your videos to your website or squeeze page.

Embedding on your Website

Some people don’t like putting YouTube videos on their websites because it doesn’t look as professional as paid hosting. That can usually be fixed by using WordPress plug-ins like Lead Player to play your YouTube videos on your website with some added features like an opt in box and a popup call to action.


Every potential visitor to your website is a possible lead,  and no business can afford to give up a customer who might stay with them for life.

Video marketing is only getting bigger, and if you get in now there is still so much money to be made!

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