How Much Is An Email Subscriber Worth For You?

When you are doing your marketing campaigns it’s easy to throw money at this project or that project to find out what is actually giving you a return on your investment. However, if you don’t have a clear idea of how much money each email subscriber is returning in income each month then it can be a very dangerous road to go down.

I’ll give you some example from my own business experiences.

List Building is a MUST

First off I’ll say that if you’re not building a list then you are shooting yourself in the foot.

One of the biggest advantages of having a large email database is that anytime your publish content, create a product, or run an affiliate promotion you can get immediate feedback from “your people”.

That being said, it takes time and money to build up this sort of audience, but it’s an investment that you HAVE to make if you want to be a serious Internet marketer.


Getting Serious

When you start to take your business seriously you’ll start investing money in building a list. You can do this by buying advertisements, or solo ads, from other people’s lists so that they send traffic directly to your squeeze page where you’ll capture email addresses.

If you do this the right way you should be able to calculate how much each new subscriber costs to add to your list.


Calculating the value of a subscriber

I’m able to calculate the value of each email subscriber by taking the income I make each month that is directly related to my mailing list and dividing that by the number of email subscribers on my list. For example, last month I made $3,039.79 from my mailing list. I had a total of 7,227 subscribers on my list. Therefore if you divide the earnings from the list you get a total of $.42 per subscriber.

That number is VERY important. I now know that each subscriber is worth $.42 per month, so it gives me a better idea of how much I should spend to get a new subscriber on my list.


My mentality is that if I can make back the money I spent on getting a new subscriber within three months then it is a fantastic investment for my business.

It’s by reinvesting in your email list that you’ll see exponential growth in EVERYTHING you do.

Every dollar and every minute you spend building your list is an investment in yourself and your future. Everyone here is committed to making this venture a profitable one for YOU!!


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