How to Become a Great Affiliate and How to Promote Your Products

One of your goals for your affiliate business should be to learn how to become a great affiliate. This may not have you in the ranks of a super affiliate, but it does mean that you have earned the respect from your established buyers.

Having respects and credibility is a great place to be with your business.

It means that each time you recommend a product you will earn a good amount of income from your recommendation.

How do you reach this point as an affiliate?


The first thing you want to keep in mind is that you are recommending products to people and this means that your reputation is at stake. You don’t want to recommend inferior products; all that will do is prevent people from believing in you.

Instead you need to focus on writing good product reviews for your readers, (if you want to take the short-cut to becoming a super affiliate check out  Rob Rider's VIP Membership Program here, which has an amazing section on Affiliate Marketing.

This means being truthful and presenting both sides of the product, even the bad parts.

You may even end up not recommending the product and sending your readers to a different link instead.

This is a good process because you are building trust in your readers and this is how you gain respect. Your readers can see that you are not out just to make money on any product.

Instead you want to give them products that will actually help them in their business or life.


If possible you should try to promote products that you have actually used yourself. If you run an online business it is easy to promote the domain name company and hosting company that you use.

If you weren’t happy you obviously wouldn’t keep using them.

It can be a little harder for other products, as you can’t always afford to buy every product that you would like to promote. Instead you can do extra homework and research the product thoroughly.

Look for customer reviews, refund rates, how easy is it to order and other information that helps to substantiate the quality of the product and of the company.


A single well-researched blog post promoting a quality product can easily bring in hundreds or even thousand of dollars in commissions. So it is definitely worthwhile to make the extra effort and research facts.

When you deliver a quality review to your readers they will have the ability to make an informed buying decision quickly.

This will ultimately save them time and money from searching for information all over the internet. If you recommend a quality product that your reader is happy with, this will in turn keep bringing them back to your site to read more of your product reviews and recommendations.

Promoting the Products

You see, affiliate marketing is a simple concept, you send buyers to a company and they pay you each time you make a sale.

This concept attracts lots of new marketers to this business model. The problem is they don’t always make money quickly and get discouraged.


The reason for this is because they don’t understand how to promote products effectively.

Some affiliate marketers will simply start sending traffic to a vendor’s sales page. While there is nothing wrong with this, if the person you send doesn’t buy you have lost contact with them. Then if the vendor stops selling that product you have just lost an income stream.

So it would make sense then to find a way to create your own database of potential customers. This would be a list that you could mail to at any time, with various products.

This means that if one product stops selling you can simply switch out your links and point to a new one.

This can be achieved by having something called a squeeze page or landing page in place. This is a one page website where you have an optin form so that interested people can add their email address and join your list.

Of course you need to entice them to get on your list.

This can be done by giving them a free product, video or other gift.

They join your list, they get their freebie and you are growing your database.

This is just one way to promote your affiliate products, by building a list. As you can find it explained in the VIP Membership Area, the list is the solid base of every business online; it can all break down to it and it’s basically the most important asset you can harvest.

Other ways include marketing your site and this can be done in various ways. You should run a blog on your main website and post to it frequently. After you have published a new post share it on social media and on bookmark sharing sites.

You could also create quick videos that promote the products you are recommending.

Another idea for promoting is to start commenting on related blogs. Your goal here is not to try and sell any product, but to offer advice on the topic that is being discussed. You can then add a link back to your main site, and if readers are interested they will follow your link to find additional information.

Promoting products as an affiliate entails more than just putting up a website and waiting for buyers to find you. You have to make the effort to go out and find where your buyers hang out and then entice them back to your site. Work on marketing your site regularly and you will see a good increase in traffic and in affiliate commissions.