How To Be Sure That Your Ad Campaigns Will Make Money

Whether you run an offline or an online business, in order to be successful you’re going to have to run some sort of ad campaign. In the past you could buy an advertisement in the newspaper, in a magazine, or perhaps on TV and then wait for the results to come in.

Sure, you could attribute some of your sales to this advertising, but it was very difficult to get solid numbers as to exactly how effective your ad actual was.

Fortunately, now we have the Internet and it’s amazing tracking tools. I’ll explain below.
When you make an advertisement online you can track everything from how many people saw your page, how many clicked on your buy button, and the percentage of people who bought. Done right, you can narrow in on what traffic sources convert and which don’t, thus increasing your Return On Investment over time. One thing that is a bit difficult for newcomers to understand is that often you are “buying” information when you advertise online.

Once you figure out which sources convert, THAT’S when you start making money.


Traffic Sources
There are a ton of different places to advertise online. You can buy a blast to someone’s email list, put an ad in the search results on Google, buy ads on Facebook, or buy an ad from a website directly, and these are just a few of the options. Whatever source you choose, you’ll need to understand that some sources perform differently than others. There’s no way to say that one type converts better than others as it will depend on what offer you are promoting.
Your Offer
If you send a million visitors to any sales page, even some of the WORST you’re still going to get sales. That being said, the art of conversion is making it so that you can leverage traffic for more sales. The average sales page converts at around one to two percent. If you can get your offer converting at higher rates then you can spend the same amount of money and get the same amount of sales.


In conclusion, if you have your traffic source and your offer setup in a congruent way then you should make money from your ad campaign.

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